Brazilian Wax: A Comprehensive Guide

Brazilian Wax: A Comprehensive Guide

Brazilian waxing is one of the most popular waxing services, but it is also one of the most never-wracking estheticians and clients. Luckily, with some knowledge and suggestions, making Brazilian wax has become more accessible and more convenient in Queens, NY.

What is Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian Wax is a hair removal technique popularized in Brazil in the 1970s. As the full-thong bikini became popular on Brazilian beaches, so did the desire to eliminate all unnecessary hair—a Brazilian wax results in an entirely hairless genital area from front to back.

Benefits of Brazilian Wax

Once you are comfortable with your Brazilian wax, you can give yourself about 3-4 weeks between appointments. A Brazilian wax removes hair from the root instead of simply cutting it off like shaving.

Another advantage of Brazilian wax is less ingrown hair. It is no secret that the public area is one of the most common areas for ingrowth. The hair is usually coarser and is often irritated by shaving. Pores in this area can easily become clogged from the buildup of sweat and friction between the skin and clothing, which is inevitable in any exercise.

Although Brazilian wax reduces the chance of ingrowth, the area is susceptible to irritation. A good pre-care and post-care product recommended by a professional esthetician in Queens, NY, can help you prevent these irritations.

Brazilian wax Vs. Bikini wax

A Brazilian wax removes all hair from the inner things to the entire public area and back. A bikini wax removes the hair on the sides and top of the public area. A good way to distinguish between Brazilian wax and bikini wax is to think of a bikini. Bikinis are considered to cover more of the vagina/buttocks, so bikini waxing only removes the visible hair on the inside of the bikini.

How to find a reputable skin clinic for Brazilian Wax?

Do some research, get a recommendation, and find a beautiful clinic with a good reputation in Queens, NY. You should also avoid double dipping the applicator in the salon and refrain from wearing gloves. Reputable salons will usually ask you to complete a client questionnaire or have a brief consultation to get to know you and your health history beforehand. Please check whether word of mouth can be the best way to know where to go.

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